There is a spontaneous movement in all of us toward connection and health.

I have known Julie Yau since 2007, and have taken numerous meditation classes and several grief workshops from her. Additionally and recently, I had a series of fifteen Somatic Experience sessions.

I feel qualified and honored to be able to speak about her work. I consider Julie to be one of the top resources in the Orange County area.

Her work is clean, based in a level of body awareness that epitomizes truth and teaches one to develop tools of awareness in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. I am fortunate to be able to work with fine practitioners and have found Julie s work to be the glue that integrates other practitioner s work. I think Julie s work fundamentally steps into the future of perfect healing for the whole person and radically changes the face of healing work.

Maret Kunze, OMD,LAc - Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist.
The work I did with Julie was deep and profoundly helped to bring me out of a desperate state. The focused work we accomplished was much more helpful than the other treatments I tried. Julie calmly led me through extreme states of dread and terror. I spent two days with her in an intensive that I highly recomend for anyone who experiences these grave experiences. Our phone work was just as powerful, Julie has finely tuned intuition
MD. Oregon.
Julie helped me in profound ways. She helped me gently reconnect with my body, from which I had been disconnected since childhood due to family abuse. I gained many insights through our work together. I now feel completely integrated, and find my life is more joyous and full. Beyond the SE, the movement work we did helped me to express myself without fear. I highly recomend her work, she has many tools for all the complex issues that we all endure.
S Browne, Newport Beach, CA.
Julie engaged myriad techniques that skillfully helped contain my traumatic situation and turned it into an insightful healing process. Highly recommended if you are looking for strong, yet compassionate resolution.
Denise Richard, Canada
Julie’s sword like compassion helped me cut through years of bafflement about why my life was unhappy. I am now living the happy and free life I always dreamt of.
Laurel Talbert. LB, CA.
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